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Details of the Charity:

Lifetime Learning is a charitable organisation providing RAISEonline and Fischer Family Trust training courses for primary and secondary schools and local authorities, analysing school’s performance and progress data. We strive for the fulfilment of education by organising training programmes in colleges, universities and local communities. We provide free Microsoft Office, Word-Press and e-commerce website training courses to orphans and other disadvantaged people and teach them how to build websites and e-commerce websites. After training, they are equipped to make a living through creating websites for local businesses. Furthermore we offer free life skills and employability training to prospective graduates as well as job seekers.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

This position requires students who would like to teach IT to people of local community. The training can be based on Fundamentals of MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook etc. Interested candidates would need to develop the training material
and deliver the training. Training would be held once/ twice a month for 3-6 hours a day, depending upon the student’s availability and how they design the training session. Timings and duration for the training can be finalized at trainer’s convenience. The audience for the training would be local residents, with various backgrounds, who are keen to learn basic IT skills, aged 18+. Number of participants can vary between 5-12.

Training venue would be:

Lifetime Learning, 225 Marsh Wall, Angel House, London, E14 9FW.

Skills Required from the Applicant:

  • The ideal candidate should have a good background and experience in MS Office applications.
  • Candidates must be motivated and target driven.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

Additional Benefits to the Volunteer:

  • Student’s travel and lunch expenses would be covered by Lifetime Learning.
  • Will be recorded on your HEAR – which goes on your permanent university record
  • All hours contribute towards your Brunel Volunteers Award, leading to an invitation to the End of Year Volunteers Dinner

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