Hillingdon Mind – Volunteer Arts and Crafts Co-ordinator

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Details of the Charity:

Hillingdon Mind’s offers a range of activities and support for people who experience of mental health issues.

The objectives of this long-standing group are:

  • to increase people’s confidence and skills;
  • to help overcome social isolation;
  • to explore the enjoyment and development value of arts and crafts through a variety of media

The post holder will oversee the facilitation of the arts and crafts group based at Aston House, and encourage members to participate in group activities

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

1) Maintain and develop the service:

  1. to receive and respond to referrals of potential group members:
  2. to be responsible for the facilitation of the group sessions;
  3. to oversee the purchase and provision of materials for use in the sessions;
  4. to promote the independence, well-being, confidence and social inclusion of service users;
  5. to support Sessional Workers;
  6. to assist the Volunteer Co-ordinator in the recruitment, induction and support of volunteers;
  7. to promote the value of the group within the community;
  8. to maintain good working relationships with the staff team at Hillingdon Mind and referral agencies;
  9. to ensure group members are aware of the range of support offered through Hillingdon Mind;
  10. to ensure that Health and Safety regulations and fire procedures are adhered to  in accordance with Hillingdon Mind’s Health and Safety policies and procedures;
  11. to ensure the effective operation of Safeguarding procedures;

2) Record Keeping, Monitoring and Evaluation:

  1. to assist the Finance Manager in keeping basic financial records of income and expenditure relating to the activities of the group;
  2. to maintain records of group attendance, and to liaise with the Office Administrator for the updating of the company database;
  3. to contribute to Hillingdon Mind’s Annual Impact Report;
  4. to provide reports to the Volunteer Co-ordinator/Director as and when requested.

3) Service User Engagement and Participation:

  1. to encourage group members  to be engaged in the on-going development, design, delivery and evaluation of support offered through Hillingdon Mind;
  2. to promote the engagement of group members in the governance of Hillingdon Mind;
  3. to promote and encourage the development of peer-support arrangements;
  4. to ensure that members’  views and concerns about the group are listened to and responded to appropriately;
  5. to ensure the effective operation of Hillingdon Mind’s complaints policy and procedures.

4)  Learning and Development:

  1. to be pro-active in recognizing, taking responsibility for, and participating in learning and development opportunities;
  2. to participate fully in regular one-to-one support and supervision sessions with the Volunteer Co-ordinator or designated officer of Hillingdon Mind.

5) Other duties

  1. to undertake any other tasks commensurate with the role;
  2. to work within the terms of Hillingdon Mind’s Code of Conduct and policies and procedures.

Skills you Require from the Applicant:

  1. No specifics qualifications required
  2. Experience of providing paid or volunteer support for people with lived experience of mental health issue and of facilitating arts and crafts activities and workshops for small groups;
  3. Knowledge and understanding of the range and implications of mental health issues, of how to develop a good quality and varied arts and crafts programmes and of how to support engagement and participation in group work
  4. Can communicate effectively with a wide range of people in various contexts and through various media and facilitate group work;
  5. Motivate and support group members and volunteers and work on ones own and as part of a team together with a willingness to reflect upon and develop ones own practice;
  6. Can prioritise work and is self-motivated;
  7. Ability to record-keeping, manage basic administration and petty cash systems and use Microsoft Outlook and Word

Additional Benefits to the Volunteer:

  • Great experience if you want to work with people experiencing mental illness
  • All hours recorded will go on your HEAR – which goes on your permanent university record
  • Hours contribute to your Brunel Volunteers Award, leading to an invite to the End of Year Volunteers Ball

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