Hillingdon Group of the London Wildlife Trust – Wildlife Conservationist



Details of organisation

The London Wildlife Trust is a registered charity with a staffed office in Central London.   The Hillingdon Group is a local group of volunteers, who are covered by LWT insurance, and who abide by regulations (eg health and safety standards) set by LWT, and who work in conjunction with LWT for the management of 11 nature reserves in Hillingdon, and in the interests of wildlife all over the borough.   However, their work programme and events are separate to those run by staff of the central office.

Details of the opportunity

The volunteer will not be set a fixed role. They will be introduced to the Nature Reserves in Hillingdon, and will be encouraged to take an active part in a programme of workdays which might include meadow mowing, scrub clearance, path clearing, or woodland work.

The volunteer will receive training in the use of tools, starting with basic tools such as loppers, saws, rakes and pitchforks, and will learn more about local wildlife and its needs. For long term volunteers more formal training can be arranged for power tools, the use of chemicals, first aid, and any other relevant courses.

This role can be developed buy the individual in a direction of his/her own choice, for example wildlife monitoring. wildlife education, community interaction. Hillingdon Group volunteers work tasks are usually at the weekend. LWT staff lead events during the week.

Skills required from volunteer

  • Team worker,  but also capable of working on own initiative
  • Good communication skills
  • An interest in wildlife and willingness to work outdoors.

Benefits for volunteer

  • For long term volunteers there i9s the potential to have free training
  • The opportunity to create your own self directed role and develop your own interests within the conservation area.
  • All volunteering hours that are submitted to the Brunel Volunteer shop will be recorded onto your individual university profile and contributes to your HEAR and the Brunel Volunteering award scheme.

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