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Details of Team Up

Team Up is a volunteering programme sponsored by London’s Local Education and Training Boards, part of Health Education England.

Team Up identifies health and well-being projects within community and voluntary organisations and matches volunteer nursing, physiotherapy and occupational students and doctors and dentists in training to these projects.

The aim of Team Up is to broaden educational experiences for students and trainees, through working across professional and organisational barriers, promoting closer working between the NHS and community organisations and, ultimately, helping to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged Londoners.

We have 24 partner organisations signed up to be a part of Team Up 2014, with 44 exciting and varied projects, ranging from homelessness and breast cancer to youth enterprise programmes.

The partner organisations signed up include: St Mungo’s Broadway, British Red Cross, Spires, Wheels for Wellbeing, Sickle Cell Society, Connect, Family Mosaic, The Sharp End and many more…… Please see our website: for further details regarding the partner organisations and the projects they are offering.


The Role

Volunteers will work as part of a multi-disciplinary project team. The team will work directly with their allocated partner organisations to design and develop a health and well-being project, in line with the needs of the partner organisations’ requirements.

Volunteers will have an initial meeting, which will provide the team with an opportunity to discuss the scope of the project and the roles, responsibilities and availability of each team member. Consequently, the team will be able to allocate the workload appropriately to ensure the project meets its objectives within the agreed timeframe.

Teams will be supported by a Public Health registrar, who will act as a ‘buddy’ to the team to offer support and advice to the team.

The Team Up project team will also be available for support and will additionally be offering project management training to all volunteers. Teams are required to feed back on their progress through three highlight reports. These reports will allow teams to monitor the progress of their projects. On completion of the projects, teams are required to complete poster presentations, to be presented at the awards ceremony in spring 2015. The ceremony will mark the end of Team Up 2014 and recognise the contribution of the volunteers through a series of awards.

Due to the nature of Team Up roles, will be based across London. Volunteers should select their preferences bearing the location of specific projects in mind.

Please apply for Team Up 2014 at:

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