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Details of charity:

The Conservation Volunteers have been reclaiming green places since 1959.  TCV runs volunteering days to improve local green spaces, while helping volunteers get fit and healthy.

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Details of opportunity:

The Pevensey Road Green Gym meets every Monday from 10:45am-2pm.  The Green Gym is an innovative way to keep fit and improve wellbeing whilst transforming the local environment.  Work with other volunteers, learn new skills and make new friends!

The Green Gym activities take place in the beautiful and ecologically important Pevensey Road Open Space LNR.  Which features areas of meadow scrubland, woodland and wetlands alongside the River Crane, it links with other sites making it part of a crucial wildlife corridor. The site is dedicated to the memory of the late local naturalist Peter Cribb who did much to promote and protect the wildlife of this amazingly diverse area.

The Green Gym will work together to mend steps and clear and open paths so everyone can enjoy this reserve.  The team will also work to remove invasive species, plant native plants and help manage the delicate meadow and woodland habitats. This will include woodland techniques such as coppicing.

We have opportunities for volunteers to become volunteer leaders, learning skills such as leadership, first aid and risk assessment.  Or volunteers are welcome to come along on a one off basis.

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Skills you require from applicant:

– No skills required just an enthusiasm to work with other people and improve the environment

Additional Benefits for the volunteer:

– If participants would like to become volunteer leaders we offer training such as leadership, first aid, safeguarding and risk assessment.


DBS needed for volunteer leaders
Opportunity available for students and staff

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